5 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym

1.Don’t hog the machines
This one annoys me the most.  Ok we get it you’re doing your set and you’re focused, but for the love of god if you see someone looking like they are waiting, ask them if they want to work in with you!  Don’t be that person that just sits there resting in-between their sets.

2.Put forget to put your weights back  
There is nothing more frustrating than picking up one 18kg dumbbell to then spend the next 3 mins looking for its partner, only to find it setting amongst the 30kg dumbbells.  Once your finished with you set/weights make sure you put them back in the right place.  Don’t be that ass that says “Well they were in the wrong place when I got them so why should i bother”

3.Don’t spit in the water fountain  
I can’t believe i saw this the other day in my gym, and needless to say it is bloody disgusting.  Don’t do it, even if you were raised with the wolves in a cave, it’s not acceptable.  Common decency is becoming a rarity nowadays.

4.Don’t forget your warm up
Everyday I see people walking into the gym and jumping straight into heavy weights or cardio with no warm up whatsoever.  Well let me tell you now, those people will suffer an injury at some point if they don’t start warming up.  A proper warm-up will increase your heart rate, circulation, range of motion.  It will also result in an increase in weight/reps, and a decrease in injury chance which in turn will lead to better overall progress.

5.Don’t forget flip-flops  
If you intend on using the shower please use them.  I grew up hating flip-flops, my parents used to make me wear them whenever we went to the beach, they were so uncomfortable.  No matter how clean the shower looks, athletes foot is a real possibility along with other diseases.  Don’t think your less of a man/woman because you care about your hygiene and others.

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