Gym Phobia

I wasn’t even sure “Gym Phobia” was even a thing if I’m honest with you, however according to Google it exists so it must be true right?

When i was told that i had been signed up to a gym i had 101 thoughts going through my head and was just making myself more and more insecure.  “What if people look at me”, “What if people laugh”, “What if i look silly”, oh the list goes on believe me. But I’ve always said that you cannot go through life on “What If’s” and decided that i was going to go regardless!

Guess what? I went and none of the above occurred!  I turned up for my first gym session, went about my routine that I had planned and that was it.  Every now and again I’d get the odd respectful nod from another member but that was pretty much the full extent of any communication.
Thing is when you start to worry so much about yourself and the image you project to others you kind of blindside yourself to the truth and reality of any given situation.  So now that i look at this with a much more open perspective and without out my irrational fear of being ridiculed, i would like to share some tips that could help if you suffer from “Gym Phobia”.

  • You don’t have to have any experience or even be fit to goto a gym.  Everyone has had to start from the beginning and work their way up.  You will not be the only person at the gym that is feeling self conscious about their fitness level.
  • Contrary to popular belief people go to the gym to workout and improve their overall fitness.  They do not go there to ridicule others.  Of course people will notice you on your first day or two, as you are new, but after a short time you’ll blend in just like any other regular.
  • Every gym will have it’s own gods/goddesses but I can assure you they are just as concerned about their own imperfections as you are of yours.
  • If all else fails, sign up with a friend to soften your initial concerns.

If you manage to take the first step into your local gym fantastic!  Keep it up.  However if all else fails please remember that your body doesn’t know the difference between a gym and your home.  Don’t give up on fitness just because you can’t go to the gym, there is literally 100’s of ways you can workout without ever setting foot into a gym.

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