Stop Finding Them !!!

Stop finding what exactly? Excuses!!!

I often find that my mind races with thoughts and ideas on the way to the gym and on the ride home, it is most probably my most active time in terms of ideas for articles on this blog.

So there I am this morning travelling to the gym earlier than normal due to a shift change at work, I’m thinking to myself “I could have easily chosen to do this another day because of my shift change”.  Then I panic and start looking for multiple reasons to go before work regardless! At this point my mind is mostly clouded out by that one big EXCUSE and I am finding it hard to find reasons to stick to my plan.  It’s at this point I give my self a big kick up the ass and say to myself “Stop pissing around and get with it”.

The point here I think is clear, naturally as individuals we generally only need to find one reason “not” to do something.  At this point we get our “mental” scales and start weighing up the reasons “to” and the reasons “not to”.  It is at this level than I can almost guarantee you that the scales will always weigh heavily in the “not to” category regardless of how many reasons you find “to” carry on, generally for two reasons;

1: We wanted to put it off in the first place so that “not to” reason will weigh tenfold to any reasons that we find “to”.
2:We do not want to feel guilty about it.

As you can see this is where it becomes all to easy to struggle and even fail at any life choices/changes we decide to undertake, it really is a slippery slope.

Here’s what I suggest if you find yourself in this position;

Instead of focusing on that one reason “not to” which we know outweighs any reasons “to” let’s flip that scale!  Find one reason “to” and once you have found it stop there.  As we know we have already proven that we only need one reason and we’ve found the reason “to” do something, before we found any reasons “not to”.  That one reason we found first will be our primary focus and should push us through to what we know we should have stuck to in the first place!!!

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  1. February 18, 2018 / 7:37 am

    Nice post. I usually find what I’m looking for so I’ve stopped looking for excuses and look for solutions.

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