You will notice change, keep at it.

I remember seeing this image when I first started my fitness regime 7 weeks ago, and I remember  not really giving it a second thought.  However just now I was browsing some of my images for my blog and came across it again, which got me thinking……It’s pretty much spot on.

It was a little earlier than 4 weeks when I started to notice the change in my body however.  All my life I’ve been a tall skinny bloke, and have always hovered around the 31 inch waistline.  So it was obvious that with my lifestyle change of gaining muscle mass, I was inevitably going to see any change in my clothes first.  I’m proud to say I’m now touching a 34 inch waistline and pretty much all of my shirts are too tight around the chest!  Every now and again I’ll catch a glance of a muscle that I never knew I had and smile.  Overall the feeling really is fantastic, I mean come on we all know when we work out to better ourselves, there will eventually be a change.  But truth be known we don’t really appreciate it until we can see/feel it ourselves.

I can also confirm nearly 8 weeks in and I’ve had two people ask me If I’ve gained weight and complimented me on my transformation. I’m ecstatic with this in itself as my diet was the really hard part of my change to get right.  It’s been a delicate balancing act with my meals but I’ve gotten there.  Before I started this I always assumed that gaining weight was a simple process of eating a truck load and not worrying about anything, how wrong was I.  It turns out that yes you have to eat a lot, but you are throwing other factors in there as well; Eating at regular intervals; Eating the right amount of Macronutrients (Protein/Carbs) etc.  All I can say is regardless of if you are trying to put on weight, or lose it a diet is normally quite strict and requires careful planning, do not rush it.

As for the 12 week part, I’m yet to get there.  But when I do I’ll make sure I keep you all informed.


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