Motivation and you!

During my workout today I nearly had a moment of complete collapse and embarrassment and it was over something so trivial.

It was nothing special I was just completing my sets of Cable Bicep Curls when a friend came over and decided to join in.  This was no problem as we motivate each other and enjoy talking about our workouts.  My friend generally works a lot of cardio as he is trying to lose weight, where abouts I’m trying to gain.

Lets set the picture here, I’m there working on my last set of the day’s workout struggling to hit my reps but none the less I do it!  Yeah it was painful but the will was there!  I know the weight is set quite light as I’m a very skinny guy trying to change, but my friend jumps up to give it a try, puts the weights up quite a few notches and works away. Oh my I’ve never felt my motivation drift away so fast, I’m working my ass off giving it 100% and all of a sudden I feel…….small, weak and insignificant.

Now normally this would be enough for me to pack it in and quit, generally I don’t do well with situations like this and for lack of a better explanation I normally run away and hide.  Not this time, I’m not letting anything bring me down regardless of how hard it is or how small I feel.  I will be stronger and I will succeed!

The above picture says it all for me, I have my own mountain to climb and it’s going to be a long climb.  If I can do this, anyone can do anything they put their minds to. What better reward than to be an inspiration to other people!

Have you ever struggled with your motivation?  How do you overcome your lows?  Please share your stories in the comments below, I would love to hear them!


  1. August 17, 2015 / 1:41 am

    Yes, earlier this spring when I was registered to run a half marathon that I wasn’t prepared for. It was hill after hill after hill and I felt completely defeated. But that defeat I used as motivation to train even harder than ever for the full marathon I completed on June 1st. I just always try to see the losses and inspirations to do better next time around and try not to beat myself up too hard about it. Besides, the real gift is living an active and healthy lifestyle!! 🙂

  2. August 17, 2015 / 9:07 am

    Ahhh brilliant, being able to turn something around that didn’t go the way you wanted, and use that as fuel for inspiration and motivation is a talent in itself! And you’re right, the real gift is an active and healthy lifestyle 🙂

  3. January 18, 2016 / 4:30 pm

    I am often told I am fat, and people laugh at me behind my back- when that happens, I mope for a bit and then the next day, wipe my tears, pray hard and start over- I have done it quite successfully on various occasions- of course, you would have guessed by now, I am a yo-yo. But I do lose my motivation when someone tells me I’ve gained weight but do very soon, come back on track , mentally treat that person as a total @*** and start off again.

    • Ryan Dinnage
      January 18, 2016 / 4:46 pm

      Bless you, comments like that would dent anyone’s confidence but the way you have been dealing with it is putting you on the right track. I’ve had people tell me time and time again that I wouldn’t join the gym, then it was I wouldn’t keep doing it, then it was I wouldn’t gain any weight etc. And each time I’ve made it my mission to prove them wrong, there really is no greater feeling.

      Now I will say I have had “Blips” in my progress, where I haven’t done as much as I could have, or I haven’t managed to eat enough. I personally think these so called “blips” are part of what makes us stronger. I don’t look at these as “Failures” I look at them as “That’s another way I know doesn’t work” and try my best not to repeat it.

      One last thing before I stop, (otherwise I will just keep talking and talking haha). More often than not “these” people that make these comments are just as, if not more self conscious about their own bodies as we are of ours. What makes me laugh is it’s the “effort” that counts the most, as everything else will fall in line if the effort is there. It doesn’t matter how slow we go, or how little we see results, we are still doing more than an awful lot of people that will sit there and judge.


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