Motivation Monday: What You Do

It’s such a simple premise isn’t it? Maybe sometimes it’s so simple we often overlook it.  In our modern lifestyles where we are naturally encouraged to pick the easier/quicker option it’s so easy to forget that what we do has such a huge impact on what results we will see.

When you get chance today I want you to sit back and ask yourself “Am I doing everything I can to get where I want?”  Now of course this doesn’t just relate to fitness it can relate to all walks of life.  If at any point you get to a situation where you find yourself saying “Well I could do this/more” then you’ve already taken the first step! The second is doing it and believe me you will feel fantastic!

For example as you may know my workouts consist primarily of weightlifting and no cardio.  Yep that’s right no cardio, I hate it……nah not really I just don’t have much need of it right at this minute.  However I know that I should be doing at least some “light” cardio and decided to do something about it.  My gym is exactly a 2 mile walk from my door and instead of driving there and back I decided that I should be at least walking it.  And that’s what I now do,  all my workouts now include a 4 mile light jog (I tend to jog to the gym and walk back) and I feel bloody great for doing it!

It doesn’t matter how small a change we make, if we think we can be doing more we should CAN do more.

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  1. January 18, 2016 / 8:57 pm

    Great post! I’m all about doing, even just a little bit more than yesterday, or my last work etc. I hate “cardio” too in the traditional sense, but I do love running (and realize it is technically cardio) but getting good cardio out if it is just a product of loving to run 🙂 What a great idea to walk or jog to your gym, lucky you can do that! My gym is about 7 miles away

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