Relax – If it was easy…

Hitting the gym this morning I was deep in thought during my rest periods and really got to thinking about the pressures of changing a lifetime of habit.  I came across this train of thought as I was beating myself up over missing some of my recent targets on this current workout routine.  With my schedule being set at 6 days a week in the gym as of late I had only managed 3 per week due to various obstacles, more mental blocks than anything.  I’m now tackling a new approach and will let you know in the near future how it’s turning out! However let’s get back to my original point.

Whatever change you have made to your lifestyle, no matter how big or how small remember this.  It’s NOT easy, if it was EVERYONE would be doing it!  When you step back at it and look at the big picture it goes to show that you are fantastic, the simple fact that you are deciding to try and tackle something that is not only life changing, but life defining speaks about the kind of person you are. Keep at it!!!


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