Sometimes Life Will Throw You A Curveball

It’s all about what you do afterwards that counts.

Wow what a crazy seven months I’ve had, and it’s gone by much quicker than I would have liked.  I mean we all notice things going by faster and faster as we get older, if we could just slow things down every once in awhile we might be able to take a breath.

The year started of with a start point and an end point in place, I knew exactly what I was aiming for and I striving to get there.  My fitness improved massively and I was eating really really well, for the first time in my life I had actually managed to gain some weight!!!  Then it hit, yup you guessed it, that elusive Curveball smacked me square in the face and floored me.  Redundancy reared it’s little head and forced a lot of change’s to plans already put in place, as with everything we either adapt as we go, or getting eaten up somewhere down the line.

Now that I’m sitting back in a position of “normality”, if there is such a thing! I can finally get things back on track and take it from there. However all of this has made one thing clear to me, and that is, that it really doesn’t matter if things take a backseat along the way as life is rarely a linear path for any of us.  Don’t beat yourself up if things have to change, as ultimately having the ability to make these changes in the first place make us stronger and more well rounded.

I’ll be spending the next week or so going through my blog, republishing articles as i go and getting everything back up to date.  With my fitness plan in tow there will plenty to post about as I continue down this path.

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