Level 2 Gym Instructor – Muscles and Muscle Actions

So the second part of Unit 1 that I tackled was all about Muscles and Muscle Actions.  When I originally set out to start this I was a bit worried at first as I had sneaked a peak at this section prior to actually starting it.  My first thoughts were “Oh dear how on earth am I going to remember all these muscles on top of everything else?  Well before we go into that let’s see what is covered below.

What You Will Learn

  • Types of Muscle Tissues
  • Structure of Skeletal Muscles
  • Motor Units
  • Muscle Contractions
  • Locations of Muscles and their Actions
  • Arrangements of Muscles
  • Muscle Movement Terminology


Now as we touched on briefly at the start how I scared myself a little before I even started this section.  However, I did not really have anything to worry about as it all kind of fell in place.  I am sure you all remember that the first section I covered was “Bones and Joints” and that really helped with this section as I started to use the bones as “markers” so to speak.  I soon began to understand what muscles are where in relation to which bones they are attached too, trust me it really helps.

All the more technical sections like Muscle Contractions/Motor Units/Muscle Movement Terminology took me a few times going over the paper work to grab all the little details.  Overall, it was a very informative section again and really started to open my knowledge and let us be honest I am only scratching the surface here!

Whats Next?

Our next section will be covering the Cardiovascular System, Energy Systems and The Nervous System .  As always stay tuned for the next Update!

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