Level 2 Gym Instructor – Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health

We are back again with another update through the “Fitness Instructor” qualification journey.  This time we are moving onto the next unit which is “Unit 2 – Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health”.  As you may have noticed this update is rolling out a little bit later than the previous which is due to this unit alone being bigger than the previous unit and the fact that I have decided to roll all the sections into one post for you.  I felt that this would give a “better” representation of the units as we go through them.

What You Will Learn:

Components of Fitness

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • ASCM Guidelines CV
  • MSE Fitness
  • Short/Long Term Effects
  • Flexibility
  • Skill Related Fitness
  • Components of Total Fitness
  • Lifestyle Factors Influencing Training Potential and Physical Fitness
  • F.I.T.T.A Principle

Benefits for Health, Fitness, Exercise and Physical Activity.

  • Exercise and Coronary Heart Disease
  • Exercise and Diabetes
  • Exercise and Obesity
  • Exercise and Cancer
  • Health Benefits
  • Exercise Prescription

Cardiovascular Training Zones

  • CV Training Zones
  • Monitoring Exercise Intensity

Principle of Adaptation, Modification & Progression

  • Alternatives, Adaptations, Progressions

Special Populations

  • Older People
  • Ante/Post Natal
  • Young People 14-16 Years
  • Disabled People

Healthy Eating

  • Nutrients
  • Dietary Guidelines


There was nothing here that I would classify as “Difficult”, if anything I would label it more as a “Really Interesting” unit.  This was the first unit where I found that I started to go into some depth of all the benefits that a Healthy Lifestyle can impact along with how to monitor and set out a basic routine.  There are a lot of industry standards which have been set over the years which you start to learn about in the unit.

Whats Next?

My next unit will be covering Health, Safety and Welfare.  I am imaging this section to be VERY detailed as there will most likely be a lot to cover.  So stay tuned for the next update!


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