Weekly Training Update

This week saw the start of a new routine that will run at the very least until the end of the year as I’m an advocate for not chopping and changing routines all the time.  However I didn’t feel my current routine was working for me and most of all I didn’t enjoy it.  Personally I think enjoyment has a huge impact on longevity of lifestyle habits/fitness training.  If we’re not enjoying what we are doing, how long do we really think we’re going to last?.

I’m running a variation of a strength training routine known as 5/3/1 which I’ll cover for you in more detail on another post.  It’s been a really interesting week, I’ve learnt some new limits, pushed a few muscle groups that gave me some awesome DOM’s and enjoyed every single minute of it.  Here are some of the key points I took from my first week.

Front Squat:
Although I did not have any problems with the actual squat itself, my grip was an issue.  I initially wanted to complete the squat with what is known as either the “traditional” or “clean” grip.  However I was having some real problems with the flexibility in my wrists/arms and had to settle on a grip known as the “Cross-Grip”.  Although the grips are more of a personal choice in most cases, I really wanted to be able to perform a clean grip front squat.  I will be working on my flexibility in future so I can get this down.

Hanging Leg Raises:
I really love doing these however they are challenging to begin with.  The most common trouble areas on this exercise are in my mind grip strength and keeping yourself steady.  If I’m honest with myself I could work on my grip strength as i was starting to struggle halfway into my second set.  Luckily I didn’t really have any issues with stability and managed to keep my body still throughout the movements.  Currently my core is only strong enough to complete these with bent knees.  However I know if I keep at it and work hard I will be able to progress onto the movements that I want.

Dumbbell Side Bend:
Ha ha this exercise still makes me laugh with its evil evil sneaky tactics.  I came into the exercise knowing it targets my obliques and feeling really comfortable with the exercise went ahead and smashed it.  Now I only did 3 sets of 20 holding a 16kg Dumbbell but keep this in mind, before this point I had never specifically targeted my obliques.  The following day resulting in the best/worst case of DOM’s I’ve ever had.  I say “best” as you know it was a good workout with DOM’s and I say “worst” as It’s no fun walking around like a guy in a full plaster cast.  I literally had lost the ability to pivot any degree from my waistline without my obliques screaming in my face that they wanted to stay still.

Overall the week went great.  Stayed on course on my calories/macros and completed every workout that I set out to.  I can’t ask for any more than that really!!



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